Warner Bros Knew The PC Problems & The Lack Of Journalism

According the recent video by the popular youtube channel called “The Know”, Warner Bros knew that the pc version of the game had issues. Apparantly there have been several issues regarding the port. It’s first and foremost It was Warner Bros fault for not hiring the right company or releasing a proper game for PC. There were two testers who spoke out recently that the game was like this a year ago and that third party porting houses were competing to make the port.

What happened was that one house severely underbid compared to the others and Warner Bros chose them. The testers who worked on the game said Warner Bros knew pretty damn well what the state of the game was when it launched yet still did it.They released a broken game into the market and hopes nobody would notice. That was a big mistake, as they are set to lose a lot of money because of this.

Here is the video in question:


Batman: Arkham Knight has currently a 89 on metacritic for the PS4. But for some strange reason, there are only 5 reviews for the PC version out on metacritic… The current score for the game there is 62. It seems very strange that even after all this time, that none of the big publishing companies have actually done a decent review. Gaming journalists have had plenty of time to inform the public about the issues that the game has had on PC. Yet strangely none of them have done it. Gamespot even mentioned it when they were talking about the game review of the game, yet still doesn’t review it for pc? What the hell is wrong with the industry? You are responsible as a journalist to inform consumers about the game.

Here is the video in question:


So far there are only 5 reviews for the PC version and it doesn’t look to get any reviews any time soon.

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