Bungie Apologize To Fans By Charging $20

Bungie recently came out to apologize to fans of Destiny and the developer. Instead of charging full price with the new expansion of Destiny, you are able to buy it seperately, for the generous price of $20. They’ve also announced a timed exclusive DLC deal with Red Bull. Where you can get consumable item of a bonus XP and an extra quest. They are saying they’re apologizing to players, but actions speak louder than words.

Let’s take a look at the timed exclusive DLC from Red Bull:

screenshot-quest.redbull.com 2015-06-28 00-46-27

This promotion only seems to be for North America as well, screwing over players not just where I live in europe. It also screws people all over the world who might want this.

Then there’s the issue with the Collectors Edition of the new expansion: The Taken King. The Digital version for the Collectors Edition costs $79.99 on their own site. Which means that Bungie’s apology is that they’re going to be charging $20 for 3 emotes, three armor shaders and 3 exotic class items with XP bonus.

screenshot-www.destinythegame.com 2015-06-28 00-48-41


Bungie released a statement with info on their own site. If you take into account what Destiny has charged so far $60 for the retail game, $35 for the Season pass and now an additional $40 for the Taken King Expansion. Meaning they’re going to charge $135 to play the game with all the DLC. Is it truly worth it? That’s up to you to decide.

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