Suikoden 3 Coming To PSN Store This Week

On the Playstation Blog, they announced that Suikoden 3 will finally be making its way to the PSN store for the Sony consoles. It’s coming out as a PS2 classic and will be sold digitally

That’s not the only game, there are other games that were announced coming this week:

  • Arcade Archives Raiders 5, PS4 — Digital
  • Astebreed, PS4 — Digital (Out 6/25)
  • Attacking Zegata, PS4 — Digital
  • Batman: Arkham Knight, PS4 — Digital, Retail
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, PS4 — Digital
  • Ender of Fire, PS4 — Digital
  • Planetside 2, PS4 — Digital
  • Ride, PS4 — Retail
  • Riptide GP2, PS4 — Digital
  • Shantae: Risky’s Revenge — Director’s Cut, PS4 — Digital
  • Suikoden 3, PS2 Classic — Digital
  • Tour de France 2015, PS4, PS3 — Digital

## Demos and Betas

**Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess — PS4 Demo**
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