Big E3 Video Post, (List updating as more come out)

It was an honor to do this Video work for those that really wanted to see us get out there and bring the new media and provide quality content. Below is the work of many:

Tara Sophia = Co-Host
Leo Franceschini = Master Video Editor
Lion the uncommon Samurai  = Music
And of course myself
Michael Jordan = Guy who talks to much in front of the camera

As well as our sponsors:

And ultra special thanks to DeusExMachinaV42 , without him, most of this would not have happened.

Please Check out all the video below and remember, we will be adding more videos when we can, as rendering takes forever. Please understand.

If you are looking for all the news posts out of E3, be sure to check them out here.


Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Drawn to Death Interview | David Jaffe | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Deus Ex Interview with Executive Narrative Director Mary DeMarle!

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Total War Warhammer | Interview with Simon and James | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories Interview | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Steam World Heist Interview | Bryan Sigurgeirsson | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: E32015 | VR indie games showcase


Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Rainbow Six Siege Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Destiny The Taken King Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Deus Ex Mankind Divided Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Guitar Hero Live Impression | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Star Fox Zero Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Overkill’s Walking Dead Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Mario Maker Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:Yoshi’s Woolly World Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Assassins’s Creed Syndicate Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Battleborn Impressions | E32015

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Chibi Robo Impressions | E32015


Ship2Block20 Exclusive: How is E3 so far?

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:I Love Bricks | What its Really Like To Be Press at E3

Ship2Block20 Exclusive: Nintendo World Championship Recap!

Ship2Block20 Exclusive:IDGA COVER BLOWN



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