Guerilla Games Announce New Game Horizon Zero Dawn

During Sony’s E3 Press Conference, Guerilla Games new RPG in a post apocalyptic world. The game shows man who’ve lost all technology, in a once advanced society. For some reason humanity have lost all technology and are now living in a iron age like society. Except in this society you have giant robot dinosaurs that want to eat you. Not even the protagonists know why the robots rule the lands.

This is the long rumored RPG from Guerilla Games, where they only so far have been leaking concept art for the game. Now we know the setting of the game and that humanity has survived some sort of global catastrophe. The release date has not been revealed yet, but we might expect it for 2016 at the earliest. So far we know that there is a female protagonist in the game.

Guerilla Games last game was Killzone Shadowfall for the PS4.

You will be updated when we know about this program during the week as things progress.

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