What You Can Expect From Microsoft At E3

Microsoft has been struggling a lot more with the sales of the Xbox One in sales. Xbox One has gone down in price, not only that but they’ve ditched the Kinect as a bundle as well. Xbox One was also revealed with the DRM with the console, but they’ve since gone back on that practice. The series’ Microsoft have been relying on have been have been mostly Halo, Forza, Gears of War and Fable. Last year they also showed of Phantom Dust(which has since been canceled), Crackdown 3 and Scalebound. Phil Spencer has gone out an teased other games on twitter like Battletoads, but there’s nothing confirmed yet.

Halo is the flag ship, and the next game in the franchise is also crucial for the series as a whole. Halo 4 wasn’t received very well with some of the fans. The multiplayer was also abandoned just a few months after launch. Gears of War is also rumored to be coming this E3 with a HD collection. Fable Legends is also going to be released this year as a Free-To-Play game. You can also expect a Forza 6 to be shown this year as well.

Let us hope this year that Microsoft can show us something good and new this year.

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