Ubisoft E3- Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max Expansion Announced

A gun toting cat riding a fire breathing unicorn against a backdrop of a triple rainbow. Top that MOFOs.

*Press Release Update: *A downloadable expansion pack that includes an eccentric mix of brand-new tracks, characters and in-game items, and Trials Fusion®: The Awesome Max Edition, a new bundle including the main game plus all of the title updates and downloadable content packs released. This new content will be available worldwide on July 14 on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.You can check out the Trailer

  • You do realize that the US and UK are two different countries with two different laws? I agree that what the principal is doing is morally wrong, but if I understand correctly, I think what he’s doing is technically legal. Can somebody in the UK please explain how your nanny state rules work?

    • [CU]MadKnight Hatter

      As far as i know.
      It isn’t illegal for kids to play 18+ games over here in UK.
      It’s illegal for stores to sell kids 18+ games but not illegal for them to play the games.
      Mostly, it’s the school cracking down on parents who don’t follow the Age ratings set on games. (AKA making less of CoD’s community squeaky 13 yr olds)

      However, I agree that using “sexualised violence” as the reason is utter stupidity.

      • Cool thanks!

      • Dulius

        This is pretty spot on as to how the law works here, yeah

  • Got to be careful using that Supreme Court quote because whilst they were using general-isms for brevity in their opinion, there is plenty of data to indicate short term influence but *not* long term (on minors and adolescents in particular, and certainly not the whole-sale ‘reprogramming’ that’s suggested in some quarters). It can be rebutted in the same way as “review” vs “coverage” in other words *cough*.

    • Paitryn Mike

      No, there isnt anything solid short or long term, which is why games have one 15 years worth of cases reguarding the nature of games and violence. Especially since violence has been on the decline while games have been increasingly popular? correlation? maybe not, but food for thought anyways.

  • Wade Jordan

    So it’s now acceptable for the public education to dictate what media children are allowed to consume and when parents don’t fall in line worth what the public education dictates, they can then be subject to arrest, prosecution, and most likely the loss of custody.

    Tay for fascism.