Rainbow Siege Details Revealed

It’s been revealed that there will be permadeath in the game. The story of the game itself also seem to show that there’s a threat and that your superior which is played by Angela Basset. According to her character, you’re allowed to use any means necessary to stop this threat that has appeared.

The CGI trailer didn’t tell much except for that you’re able to recruit. There’s also another mode revealed called Terror Hunt. You can play this solo or with others. The demo was shown live during the presentation. There were 5 players that played this in co op on stage. Here you play against the AI, which in this mode are the terrorists. There was also unrealistic lack of trash talk compared to realistic surroundings. Usually you get your heard yelled in by a rude or frustrated player online. In this mode you have to be careful with your health. Your health doesn’t recover as lose health in this mode.

The beta will be released September 24th 2015 and will be avaliable on all platforms.

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