Pele Presents FIFA 2016 At E3

The 3-time World Cup champion Pele, came on during the EA Conference at E3. Many say he’s the greatest player to have played the beautiful game of Joga Bonito. He was on stage talking with host presenting FIFA 16. Pele is known to have scored over 1000 goals when he was a professional player. On stage he talked about his most difficult goal of his career. Which was his 1000th goal, which happened on a penalty kick. He also made it clear it is different from playing football and watching it. He also talked about his first World Cup when he was 17 years old and won the World Cup with Brazil in Sweden.

When they were done with the talk about Pele’s career. EA said that this game this is the “most balanced game ever”. EA has put it’s emphasis on defence this year. Making it easier to intercept passes and move your defensive lineup. The passing has also become sharper than ever. This year they’ve also motion captured world class players like Messi. You will also be able to see where you are actually passing the ball this year. It makes it easier for the defence and the attack when playing, making it easier to pass or intercept. They demonstrated this with a video when they talked about these new features. You can check out the trailer below.

Women football will also make it’s debut in FIFA 16 for the first time ever in the FIFA franchise. They also said for everyone who play FIFA 15 Ultimate after the conference.

You will be updated when we know about this program during the week as things progress.

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