Microsoft E3-ID@Xbox One Announcements

Microsft showed off a montage of indie games for their ID@Xbox program. Highlights included Cuphead and Below. Steve Gaynor announced Tacoma, an emergent exploration game where you explore a space station (Gone Home- In Spaaaace). Ashen was also announced, from Aurora 44 studios, think Brothers mixed with Shadow Of The Colossus and Below. I was impressed with its art style in particular.

Beyond Eyes, by tiger & squid, is a game with a beautiful painted art style. Cuphead, from MDHR, was showcased as well. With an art style reminiscent of cartoons from the 1930’s and gameplay that is a loving homage to the 16-bit platformers of our youth, this is easily one of the most anticipated indie games for the Xbox One.

A new pilot program for indie developers was announced, Xbox Game Preview, basically early access for Xbox One. A select number of games was announced, The Long Dark, Elite Dangerous and Day-Z the highlights.