Madden NFL 2016 Gets New Ways To Play The Game

Fantasy Football in Madden 2016. The new Madden give the fanatics of Fantasy Football a new option in this years annual Madden game. You can draft the players you want, how you want it. This years Madden year has a big emphasis on passing.

Two new ways to throw the ball has been added to the new game. Now you can throw very high over the defender to let the reciever catch the ball. You can also throw into the body and low to advance or get the touchdown. Recievers have gotten overhaul with the different ways they can catch the ball. Making them more dynamic the way the ball comes to them with a ball. This doesn’t mean they’ve overlook defence entirely, they have also added additional features so that the AI is able to defend smarter than ever.

You will be updated when we know about this program during the week as things progress.

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