Battlefront Gameplay Showed Off For The First Time Ever

Frostbite is taking center stage in the new Battlefront game. With great weather effects and overall improved graphics. EA made a statement that the game was made “for the fans”. The game will have big battles up to 40 players and all the way down to 8 players. You can play alone in Star Wars Battlefront Missions mode or with others.



The whole gameplay footage was captured on a Playstation 4. They showed gameplay for the first time ever. They showed the Battle of Hoth map. There they showed everything that the game is going to have. They had AT-AT, AT-ST, third person view, first person view, dogfighting, artillery and more. The new game is working all it’s magic with the new Frostbite engine. There were a lot of different weapons that were used during the video they showed off. The new Battlefront game has been met mostly with critical views from gamers with less worlds, no instant action, no space battles, less players and there’s only the battles from the original movies. The game will be released November 17th 2015.

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