What You Can Expect From EA At E3

Last year at E3, EA had lots of demo’s to show. There wasn’t a lot of gameplay, but it was more concept trailers than it was actual games getting revealed. EA have a lot to show this year. They have their usual franchises like Madden, FIFA, NHL and NBA Live that they’re going to show during the conference. They also have other games they’re going to be showing. Like Battlefront, which has a release date this year. They also have Mass Effect 4 in the works from Bioware. They’ve otherwise kept their games close to the chest this year. We do know that Visceral is working on a Star Wars game with Amy Hennig as the writer. Need For Speed might also make an appearance, even though it’s set to release in 2016.


Star Wars: The Old Republic have been teasing something on their twitter lately:

In three days… #FaceYourDestiny. pic.twitter.com/wBw41obwaq

— The Old Republic (@SWTOR) June 12, 2015

In two days… #FaceYourDestiny. pic.twitter.com/dJnoOPaWlj

— The Old Republic (@SWTOR) June 13, 2015

Most likely this is an expansion to the the MMO. There’s also a small possibility that it’s Knights of the Old Republic 3, but those chances are slim. We do know EA own the license for everything Star Wars when it comes to games. It might be a possibility. 

We’re going to see the new addition of FIFA 16, where female teams and players will be available for the first time ever. Battlefront will not have classes squads or aiming down sites, but we’re going to see what it actually has not too many hours from now. Madden has also received a release date and is going to show off the new features of the game. Mass Effect 4 is one of the most anticipated games for E3 this year, there’s almost nothing known about the game itself. We’re going to hopefully know more about the game before E3 is done. Visceral is most likely going to show what they’ve been working on, after Star Wars 1313 was cancelled. Need For Speed will also probably be shown, but will have a bad taste in the mouth of consumers with DRM implemented in the game

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Let us know what you’re going to be expecting from EA this year.