What You Can Expect From Bethesda At E3

Bethesda recently announced Fallout 4 before E3. That is a game that has been rumors about since early last year. Bethesda also have other titles like Doom, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, Rage and Wolfenstein. We do know they released a trailer for Doom recently. Bethesda also decided to cancel Prey 2 after being in development hell for almost 3 years. Let’s hope that this won’t be happening again with any game that gets announced this year. This year the biggest buzz will probably evolve around Fallout 4.


Elder Scrolls Online was recently released for the new consoles. It will be too early to expect an Elder Scrolls 6 this E3, that’s why the biggest game will probably Fallout 4. The Fallout sequel has been highly anticipated. We are sure to see more of that game during E3. Doom has received a trailer and is almost sure to be shown during E3 as well, hopefully this time with gameplay. Dishonored was a big surprise in 2012, Bethesda did come out to say they that the game was going to be a franchise. Wolfenstein: Old Blood will have a physical release June 21st. For the game to get a  sequel will be too soon, since Wolfenstein: The New Order was released last year.


Bethesda will have their first conference this year, and we’re going to see something new and exciting. Share your thoughts in the comments below.