Hackers find more than just Ryu and Roy in new Super Smash Bros. Update

Its seems like hackers have once again popped some E3 news early, this time with Super Smash Bros. Wii U.
As you can see from the videos below, Ryu from Street Fighter and Roy(my old main and personal fav) from Fire Emblem have had their victory movies leaked thanks to this crafty hacker, which might take a bit of wind out of the sails of the E3 Smash Direct that is set for tomorrow(6/14/2015 at 7:40am PT which you will be able to watch here)

All this has been leaked on the Smash reddit page, as well as high res renders, Dreamland 64 stage, Ryu’s stage, Roy’s stage and a Splatoon Inkling trophys set, as well as Ryu and Roy’s alternate costume sets. So if you are hard core smash fan it might be worth a look. Here is a small taste from reddit user, Giggity-Gooo.

What do you think? Amazing or Amazing? Let us know.


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