Metal Gear Solid V Will Have Microtransactions

It’s been discovered that on the italian PSN store there’s information regarding Metal Gear Solid V. It says that the game will have optional in-game purchases. We already know the new upcoming game will use the newly made Fox Engine which is used in Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Solid V.

What the microtransactions are going to be is unknown at this point. My speculation is that there might be costumes and small things that can be bought. We may get faster things built in the base of the game also. But that is all just speculation and we can’t know until the game is out.

According to Playstation Access we can expect a lot of content for the singleplayer campaign:

The game will be open from the start and the game will be 200 times bigger than Metal Gear Solid 3. According to Playstation Access, we can expect up to 100 hours of gameplay in the singleplayer. You can watch the entire video to get the rest of the information if you’re interested.

Metal Gear Solid V is set to be one of the biggest releases this year. The limited edition of MGS V is now coming to Europe as well.

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[Via IGN]