Behind the Scenes of Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady and Warner Bros Games have released  behind the scenes series of Batman: Arkham Knight explaining the game in depth. They also answer questions the might have about the game in the videos below giving you a deeper look into the game itself.

The first video breaks down the “All Who Follow You” trailer with the staff.

The next video goes into depth of how the dual play actually works in the game itself. You can team up with various characters in the DC Universe and even the odds a little more.

The next video goes into how the characters and who they are. They go talk about how the Arkham Knight looks like and what his gear is. Scarecrow, the main villain of Arkham Knight also gets some attention and they talk about his character in depth. Batman has gotten a new armor and reflects the design of the new Batmobile.

The 4th video they talk about the Batmobile. It’s going to have its own talent tree. The Batmobile will also have lots of gadgets like EMP and missiles. You can also hack other tanks controlling them and making them do your bidding.

In the fifth and last video you get to see how the gameplay actually looks like. The gliding is faster compared to previous games. There also new combos added to the new game. You can also visit thugs you’ve arrested through the game in the GDCP building during the game.

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