Female Players Added To FIFA 16

According to EA themselves on their own page, FIFA 16 will have female football players for the first time ever. The game will include 12 national teams that have female players in them. According to EA, gamers have been asking for this feature and will be included in the next iteration of the FIFA franchise.

Here are the teams that are added to the game:

Q: Which Women’s National Teams are going to be in FIFA 16?

A: In FIFA 16, we are adding Women’s National Teams from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China, and Australia.”
You will only be able to play against other women’s national team. There will be no Ultimate Team for the female players,  because there are too few players to choose fro, You will be able to play offline and online with these teams.

The ratings will also work differently compared to men and will not have the same performance:

Q: How do player ratings work for women in comparison to men?

A: The player ratings will be relative for each gender. We will be assessing female athletes against other female athletes which may mean that an 85 rated female player may not perform the same as an 85 rated male player.”
According to EA, fans have been asking for this feature for years. Here is the official answer they gave:
“Q: Why did EA introduce women into the game this year?

A: This has been a top fan requests and we have considered doing it for years. With FIFA 16, we’ve made the necessary advancements in gameplay, such as new locomotion and unique player models which were based on motion capture and 360 degree body scans of some of the games top female players. That allowed us to accurately and authentically represent how these athletes walk, run, sprint and move horizontally. To complement the realistic animations and attributes, our mobile head-scanning unit traveled the world in order to capture facial features and hairstyles, ensuring that the players look as realistic as possible.”
This news comes out the same day as the big scandal in FIFA, where 9 top members were arrested for corruption. Being bribed to let countries host a world cup. Russia and Qatar have been accused of buying their way to host a World Cup in the most popular sport on the planet. Qatar has recently come under fire for using slaves and not paying them properly.

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