Twitch now Hates Sexy Alcoholic Gamers / Updates Their Rules of Conduct.

(Update: Many of these where added 7 months ago, but have not been enforced. Big thing is they have stopped AO games and “sexy time” games from streaming on their service. This looks to be because of the release of Hatred, which was also shot down on GoG.)

Hey all you heavy drinkers who love videogames, Twitch hates you! Ironically the streaming site that produces more drunk people at E3 then Spring Break in Miami, is cracking the whip when it comes to drinking and streaming, or Streaming Under the Influence; SUI for short. The service has noted in their updated Rules of Conduct that “Self destructive Behavior” is now out or as they put it:

In theory, playing video games is one of the safest activities one can possibly engage in. Don’t ruin this by harming yourself physically, drinking excessively or endangering yourself in any way while broadcasting.
Well, safe is a relative term here, in theory, doing a 24 hour stream for charity increases your chances of a stroke or eating 3 pounds of bacon while playing Halo for 8 hours may increase your chances of a heart attack. Both of which I have witnessed and/or done in the past, and may to in the future, YOLO SWAG 69 LOL!11!!1! Sigh, I hate this generation…..

It also must be noted they have “fleshed” out the rules for clothing, as in you can’t have your shirt off if you are a guy or girl, no bathing suits ether, you must be wearing at least a T-Shirt. AO games and Hentai games are right out as well. They also say not to do anything that breaks the law. Man won’t they let us have any fun?! How am I supposed to do my “Hot Guys of Gaming” charity stream sponsored by Sky Vodka with Adam Sessler, do you know how much Cocaine I need to have in front of him just to keep him on the set? It’s like Twitch hates charity. I even wore my lucky hat to the photo shoot.


Anyway, if you want to read the newest rules and see how you are most likely breaking them, click here. And if you want to tell us how you plan on breaking the rules in the future, post your comments below.


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