New Need For Speed Is Running on Frostbite 3

The new Need For Speed game is going to run on the same engine from DICE. It’s going to run on the same version that the new Battlefront is going to run on. The new studio Ghost Games is responsible for the new upcoming Need For Speed game, and it’s going to be the first game they’ve made.

EA released a teaser earlier this week for the game itself, and it seems to be a reboot of the franchise.

Frostbite’s technical director Johan Andersson confirmed this on twitter:


Our next @NeedForSpeed by @GhostGamesEA running on the same version of @FrostbiteEngine as Battlefront!

— Johan Andersson (@repi) May 21, 2015
The new Need For Speed is not set to release this year, and the series will take a break to give the team a longer time to develop the game.

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[Via IGN]

  • Satori Mask

    At first glance, this title didn’t really impress me since I’ve never taken to the Shiren games and it seemed like a Shiren game with an EO coat of paint. This review seems to make clear there’s a lot of the EO charm and mechanics in the game, which is a good sign. I’m going to have to pass though on this title at the moment, since I’m saving my Fatlus appetite for the DS2 and EOU:2 remakes since I never played the first and I played the other seven years ago.

    I’ll pick this up eventually though… Also, glad to hear the music is still good, some remixes of older songs are on the soundtrack!