Kill Strain Director Talks Game Content

In a recent interview with Dualshockers, Director of Development of Killstrain Pierre Hintze had some details to share about the upcoming game. Killstrain is going to be a 5 vs 2 vs 5, asymmetric including 2 teams of humans of 5. The last team will include mutants. There were quite a few details revealed in the interview.

Therè hasn’t been a lot of info revealed about the game until this interview. We know Sony filed the trademark for the game, but it’s been otherwise scarce with information about the game itself. Kill Strain is an exclusive for PS4 currently and is in development as we speak.

The concept was described like this:

“That was the beginning. I played a lot of games in the genre, and the most fun I had was always when there were uneven team sizes. For instance in League of Legends, when you have 4 vs. 5 and you win, it’s incredibly satisfying.

So we talked about it, and for us, what really set us apart, and what’s really exciting is the notion of how the transitions comes about. Evolve is an amazing game, from my perspective, but I think we took it a step forward with the dynamic transition from one team to the other, and the ability for the mutants to turn humans gives us that.”
He continued with his thoughts around the free-to-play market on consoles:
“I cannot really speak for Sony as a whole. I think we made really clear during our press conference twelve months ago that we have interest in that space. We’re trying to learn about that space and developing products for that space. I can speak for Sony San Diego Studios, and everything that has not to do with MLB: The Show is focusing on games as a service, so various models, anything from free to play to… Again, this has to do with the strategy here at SDI and Sony San Diego Studios. Free to play for us is something we’re committed to and we see as a great opportunity, but always believe that there will be a market for premium titles, there will be a market for freemium titles, and there will be a market for games as a service.

I think that the advantage of developing those type of titles on PlayStation Network is that you have the security and quality and continuity which you get from developing games on a console and playing games on a console, combined with the monetary advantage of free to play. That’s, on paper, a marriage made in heaven.”
The closed beta is coming up and is bound to get an “imminent” date for it. You can check out the rest of the interview on their site.

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[Via Dualshockers]