Why I Haven’t Owned A Nintendo Console Since N64 Days

Nintendo makes fantastic games, but ever since the N64 there hasn’t been anything that has interested me in getting a Nintendo console. To me there haven’t been games like Golden Eye, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 or even the original Super Smash that have appealed to me. Exclusives have always been excellent and polished, but ever since the Gamecube, Nintendo consoles have seemed to not peak my interest at all. It’s the overall experience that makes me interested in a console.

When the 6th generation of gaming console were coming out, nothing interesting came from Nintendo that caught my eye. Instead of trying something new, I felt they were doing a lot of the same games that they were before. Therefore I didn’t buy the Gamecube and got a Sony console for the first time instead. The PS2 had third party support, lots of different games and a DVD player installed in it. Gamecube didn’t have any of that.

After that, came the Wii. The Wii had an appeal with allot of people because of the Wii Sports games that you could play with others, otherwise there wasn’t really anything that caught my attention for it. I played the Wii Sports games, and it was fun when you had someone you could play it, but you couldn’t play online and playing just alone wasn’t really  appealing. It had its share of good games, but again it lacked in third party support. Even though it had games like Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Last Story, etc. There wasn’t really anything making it appealing for me as a gamer, while the 360 and PS3 had games like Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc. It was still releasing the same old games on that console.

Now we have the Wii U. Now it’s not just the games and the library that is lacking, it’s the attitude towards its audience. Gamers who love Nintendo want to show it off their videos online, but they’re not allowed to with out going through some major hoops. Nintendo is stuck with their old ways. Don’t get me wrong, not everything that’s old is bad. Like not releasing DLC for every game is good, you know you get a full game when you buy Nintendo. Even with their good practices on releasing good games, this doesn’t excuse them from being anti-consumer when it comes to the online world and videos, something that is a major draw for gamers. It seems that some companies like Nintendo don’t get that. That’s the biggest reason why I haven’t given them any money. They frankly don’t deserve it from my point of view.

I don’t hate Nintendo, I actually admire Nintendo and the way they make games. But that doesn’t excuse them from making an outdated console that’s a fraction as powerful compared to the other two consoles that Sony and Microsoft have released. If they can listen to developers and the consumers more, I think more people would actually buy their games and consoles.

Think I am totally right/wrong? Let me know in the comments.