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If you know anything about the you would know that we are based on the server, which was repurposed 8 months ago to add gamer critics, writers and reviewers as well as meta scores for games in an effort to allow people to design their own meta score. So when I saw pop up, it initially allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief, because really never got fund to be finish, and we moved more to making the best we could with the resources we have.  This also leads me to think of the bigger implications of such a site, and made me ask, “How are the Journalists going to react to this?”

Earlier yesterday, I asked Editor in Chief of , Jonathan Holmes his opinions on the idea of as he appeared on the site and I feel he brought up some really good points that I want to share with you all.

*(Site Disclaimer: I, Michael Jordan, have worked with in the past, as well as Jonathan Holmes.) *

Q: I am writing an article on this (, Have any serious thoughts or concerns for it?

Holmes: About I called it a Pokedex of game bloggers/journos that focused only on the negative. Sound accurate?

Q: (Laughs) very apt description. Ya bit of a contrast of what I was working on before ship2block20 started taking off.

Holmes: It’s a very attractive website though. I hope they evolve the idea to look at both the pros and cons of writer’s work, etc. It’s impossible to sum up a person’s work with a few icons and blanket statements, but it’s at least a start.

Q: Ya, but simplicity is what people like, major complaint I got with my idea was that it was too detailed.

Holmes: Well sure, a simple, cartoonish look at the world is always appealing. Most people want that fantasy to be real.

Q: Why can’t people just do what I do, surround yourself with Shulk Amiibos and chant “I am really feeling it”

Holmes: Perhaps this is the most important question.

Needless to say, not everyone is as open to the idea of as Jonathan Holmes. Here are just a small fraction of comments on Twitter that have sprung up when the site hit the web ways. Now while I say a small fraction, this is still a massive amount of tweets. Ready? Here we go.






As you can see, people are not thrilled with a site like this that brings light to their miss doings, but can’t help talking about it. It is also interesting to note, that many of the individuals that have stated the site is nothing more than public shamming, rather than critic of the individuals transgressions in the games industry, have multiple infractions of committing real public shaming, and in many cases lying about facts in those cases of public shaming to perpetuate the dog pilling effect that happens as a result of public shaming.

Now while I am all for the site personally (hell I was working on a similar thing), and may even be put on there some day myself for dabbling in sensationalism from time to time, I do have my share of concerns. While it is great that the site is simple and easy to use, I feel like each profile does not give me the appropriate context or miss appropriated context for certain issues it brings up, like friend ships or donations. This has been a big problem as of late on the internet with all types of media and groups. A problem which, I find disturbing because of the hypocrisy that surrounds these issues. Many members of the press invest in things like kick starter as a pseudo pre-order system for indie games they want, which I don’t find personally unethical, but I would disclose how I got a copy of the game by the nature of how we do reviews and label reviews.



Context is important and making blanket statements/accusations without context in general is not only dangerous but it is what leads to things as intellectually offensive as believing “rape culture” is real, or that every journalist is evil and out to ruin video games, which are both clearly not true, and are very much extreme viewpoints brough about a sub set of people prone to extremism. Problem is they gain steam with the public because of misconstruing context, hiding facts and the next thing you know, Rolling Stone is “Listen and Believe” ing and publishing a huge story about rape that never happened. currently skates that fine line. Its systems are clean, to the point and provide allot of information, but at the same time there are parts with no context for that information in the grand scheme of things. This makes it cautious water to tread, with nuggets of gold scattered around the trail. I hope that we see this project become more of an all-encompassing thing, let’s see some good with that bad. Charity work, good review skills, proper reporting, and community outreach should all be a part of this project. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see where this site goes in the future.

Think I am wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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