Nintendo World Championships is a Thing Again After 25 Years!

Rejoice Nintendo fans, Reggie is bestowing our child hood back on to us as the Nintendo World Championships are once again a thing! sqeeeee The Big N states that:

Nintendo reaches out directly to gaming fans, media and partners with a dynamic lineup for E3 2015, starting with the exciting return of the Nintendo World Championships after a 25-year hiatus.
To qualify for this amazing event players will compete in a qualifiers on May 30 at “select Best Buy locations in major cities around the country.” This is amazing to me as we have not seen one of these since 1990, when I was 6 Years old. It was such a big thing back then the Nintendo basically had a movie made around it called The Wizard, _which stared Fred Savage. (Can’t believe I got to mention Fred Savage in a post) I wonder if this will lead up to a reveal of a new game, as _Super Mario Bro. 3 was first shown at Nintendo World Championships. One things has to be said tho, this announcement video of this grand event is amazing. Get your body ready for this.

One thing is for sure, I will be competing! So if any of you qualify Be sure to let us know.


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