Battlefront Will Not Have Classes, Squads or Aiming Down Sights

In recent news, EA and DICE have come out to address features that will not be part of the game. We already know that EA hopes to sell 10 million copies of the game. They’ve now given additional updates how the game will look like compared to the previous game in the franchise.

The new Battlefront game will not have classes, squads or being able to aim down the sights in the game. Here is the statement said in the Official Xbox Magazine:

“There are no ironsights in Star Wars, on the ordinary blasters,” Bach said. “You have scopes on some rifles, but there are no ironsights.”

“We’re not taking into account what we’ve done before, because I think that would be disrespectful to the fans, and to what we’re trying to achieve here,” Bach explained. “A lot of the things you saw in the game have nothing to do with anything we’ve done before. Some features of course resemble [our other shooters], because we want to make the best possible shooter, but in general we’ve tried to do something completely unique.”
He also gave a statement to PC Gamer where he had this to say about the game:
“We allow you to create your own loadout.”

_ “If you want to be one of those players that’s a frontline run and gun, you’ll be able to create a loadout that allows you to do this. If you’re more defence or more of a team player, we’ll allow you to do that as well.”_

The previous game included classes and aiming down sights. DICE and EA are making changes to the series, even though making promises that the game will not be a Battlefield rip-off.

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