Ship2Block20’s E3 2015 Predictions!

With E3 quickly approaching, I asked the team at Ship2Block20 about their big E3 predictions.


Big thing I think you will see at E3 2015 is some news on Nintendo’s new console code-named NX. I really think that they will push NX to grab attention at E3 this year because they have delayed the new Zelda, and have said it will not be at the show this year.
What I am expecting from E3 2015 is the first party exclusives from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.This year you might see Microsoft show off Halo 5:Guardians from 343 Industries on the Xbox One, Sony brings out Uncharted 4 by Naughty Dog on PS4, and my biggest hope to see Nintendo showing off Xenoblade Chronicles X coming to Wii U which will bring back the console hype back to the fans.
Stefan: *
I’m personally not expecting much from E3. I feel like there’s a trend that makes the hype for any particular game inversely proportional to their quality upon release. With some big disappointments in the past, there’s certain publishers that I don’t think will change their attitude. I think there will be a disappointing Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing Call of Duty, etcetera. Nintendo I’m more hopeful for though. I’m hoping there’ll be some info on Etrian Odyssey V, myself.

I expect Sony to announce all the exclusives they’ve been working on with all of their internal studios. Microsoft don’t really have games i look forward to, but i hope to be surprised with some original ip’s. Nintendo needs to release games, since Zelda is delayed what do they have for the Wii U. EA has already screwed it up with Battlefront, the only way to make me interested is with Mass Effect 4 announcement. Ubisoft has to show more off and announce The Division for 2015 release to get me excited.
I’m predicting that Nintendo will announce a new Metroid Game. It’s been too many years since the last good one and I think they may release one soon to start back up the franchise.
It may have something to do with how big a fan I am for the series, but I think Nintendo is about to release Mother 3 on Virtual Console. It’s probably crazy, but even then we’re gonna be getting a ton of Persona 5 and Xenoblade Chronicles X news, along with (hopefully) an Animal Crossing Wii U announcement.


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