Ex Football Player now Game Critic Chris Kluwe Supports Self-Admitted Pedophile in Effort to Discred …

I feel like the circle of people who have gain a noticeable foot hold in game criticism circuit have started resembling that of a radioactive slug barrel. One of those people, being the hypocritical and always offensive Chris Kluwe who used to play football for the Vikings.

This self-styled ego maniac is notorious in the online gaming community, but to really understand this tub of human excrement you will need to look at his past in the Vikings. Much like his World of Warcraft character (a troll) Kluwe’s vitriol and bail filled language is something to behold. He has managed to ingrain himself in the games media space over the years, touting his “advocacy” along the way. But many agree, when you combine his vitriol and bail with the levels of hypocrisy and childish comments, he effectively drags any conversation to the dirt. Let’s actually take a look at some of his comments when he was being removed from the Vikings:

Oooh, shall we talk about the time two very well known Vikings players were caught in a compromising situation with an underage girl?

— Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) July 19, 2014

Which followed up with:

> Bet you didn’t hear about that one in the news. We can do this all day, Vikings. Special teams hears *everything*. — Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) [July 19, 2014](https://twitter.com/ChrisWarcraft/status/490297845665132544)

If you are a little confused by these tweets, especially considering they come from someone that is considered such a strong “activist” and has a daughter himself, lets let Gregg Doyel from CBS Sports.com fill you in.

No, Chris, we didn’t hear about the underage girl and the two NFL football players, presumably because there was no police report about the incident, only talk in the Vikings locker room, talk that you heard because special teams hears everything.
This was something he could have easily reported but didn’t, and instead tweeted something that looks like a sarcastic teen ex-girlfriend blackmail letter, which upset many. He is also known for making numerous rape jokes at a person that was a fan of Penn State that were considered totally childish and inappropriate in a league investigation, leaving him to defend himself with “Well everyone else was doing it so its ok, right?” No Chris it is not alright. If this was the Divine Comedy you would be lodged so far in to the Malebolge, you would have been able to smell Satan’s asshole.
Over half the team did it for over a month, including asking him if he “raped any little boys lately,” repeatedly, in front of coaches.

— Chris Kluwe (@ChrisWarcraft) July 19, 2014

He is also know for his rage induced articles at the start of #Gamergate, where he stated:

Dear #Gamergaters, Do you know why you piss me the fuck off? Because you’re lazy. You’re ignorant. You are a blithering collection of wannabe Wikipedia philosophers, drunk on your own buzzwords, incapable of forming an original thought. You display a lack of knowledge stunning in its scope, a fundamental disregard of history and human nature so pronounced that makes me wonder if lead paint is a key component of your diet. You think you’re making piercing arguments when, in actuality, you’re throwing a temper tantrum that would embarrass a three-year-old.
As you can see he is a shining example of what not to be as a human, as this only reflects maybe 1% of the hypocritical nature of Kluwe. Let’s fast forward to recent events. Recently David Pakman had Kluwe and Adult Actress, Mercedes Carrera on his show to debate what is and is not #Gamergate. (Editor Note: some people did not bother to click the link for context so I have now embeded the video below.)


Now as you can expect Kluwe acted appropriately … for someone who looked like a dirty hobo that could not be bothered to take a shower before showing up on a very popular web show. Example:


What becomes more tragic / sadistically funny depending on your view of all this, Kluwe goes on to defend a self admitted pedophile, Sarah “Butts” Nyberg.
(Trigger Warning: The spoiler tag is being used to hide the examples and online quotes from Nyberg, which are deeply disturbing.)

-Example 1- (Chatlog: Nyberg’s user name is Snuggling)

[15:52] – Snuggling: laying down on the sofa, my little girl sitting between my legs, we’re watching the tele or I’m reading to her, or perhaps she is playing Pokxe9mon on her Gameboy. And she’ll feel my hardness press up against her back, and ask “Daddy, what’s that? umm.. that thing that keep touching my back?”
-Example 2- (Forum: Nyberg’s user name is retrogradesnowcone) Click to enlarge

-Example 3- (Chatlog: Nyberg’s user name is retrogradesnowcone)

[22:33] <**retrogradesnowcone**> basically bisexual but inclusive of gendervariant people.  
[22:33] <Leona> oh...  
[22:33] <deaincaelo> it means "fucks everything" basically.  
[22:33] <deaincaelo> with a few exceptions.  
[22:34] <Leona> som lemme get this straight...there's heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, and pansexual?  
[22:34] <**retrogradesnowcone**> you're forgetting autosexual  
[22:34] <**retrogradesnowcone**> and pedosexual ^^  

[22:35] <Leona> pedo? as in pedophile?  
[22:35] <**retrogradesnowcone**> yes  

[22:38] <**retrogradesnowcone**> I've known other transsexual pedophiles. a lot of them.  

[01:20] <**retrogradesnowcone**> www.bk-girls.org > nambla ;-;;  

[01:27] <**retrogradesnowcone**> that site I tried to show you? it's a site for lesbian pedophiles. jftr  

[01:57] <**retrogradesnowcone**> ;-;; this is making me miss my lgf  
[01:57] <deaincaelo> lgf?  
[01:57] <**retrogradesnowcone**> little girl friend.  

[03:08] <**retrogradesnowcone**> I don't think it's right to do sexual things with a child, not because a child can't consent, but because in the context of society it can really @#%$ them up. in a more sex-positive society I don't think it'd be a problem  

[03:11] <**retrogradesnowcone**> I'm attracted to (usually) about 6 to 12. been attracted to as low as 4 but that's atypical  


These sort of disgusting actions need to stop, and it really does not matter where you sit when it comes to your politics, games and game journalism view points. It shocks me that these people have managed to take so many individuals for a ride so long and not be called out on it. You will never, ever have any sort of social or political change in your favor, when your spokes person is apologetic to a pedophile and uses the very serious issues surrounding statutory rape and pedophilic rape as jabs at his past employer. This needs to stop, and these people need to stop now.


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