Batman: Arkham Knight – The Voices of Arkham Trailer

A new trailer for the new Batman: Arkham Knight is out. It shows voice actors behind the game explaining how they got into the roles and a few tidbits of the story itself. The trailer shows the voices behind Batman, Barbara Gordon, Jim Gorden and Scarecrow themselves and their experience recording for the game.

The cast that is shown in the trailer include Kevin Conroy, John Noble, Jonathan Banks and Ashley Greene.You can check out the trailer itself below.

Batman is challenged from Scarecrow psychological and is fighting for his identity according to Conroy himself. “The man is a psychopath, but he’s also brilliant,” says John Noble about Scarecrow. He also says it would be great if Scarecrow would get to drive the Batmobile as well.

Check out the trailer an tell us what you think of it in the comments below.