MUCH Foundation: Heroes at Children’s Hospital Bedsides

Many of you know that I volunteer some of my time to local charities to help sick, injured and disabled children. I’ve been asked before what charities I volunteer for and this is the big one for me. I volunteer with a charity called The Makers United for Children’s Hope Foundation that was founded by my father and directed in part by a few relatives of mine. The foundation has grown a lot! It has gone from a small group of five heroes to now over fifty costumed volunteers visiting children in hospitals.

(Site Disclaimer: Ship2Block20 supports this organization and thinks it is a great cause, which Staff Writer Stephanie Greene volunteers for and was founded by her father and has some of her relatives in directorial positions.)

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This charity means a lot to me for many reasons but let me speak from my own personal experiences from within this foundation that has me so in love with their purpose. Imagine walking into a hospital where there is no music, no bright windows, and an eerie plainness in every corner. You look to find an empty available room and try to quickly get changed into the hero you will be that day, make up on, hair done. After being escorted out of the room you are taken down a long hallway to the first child you’ll be visiting with that day, comics in hand and possibly a video game to share, and as you open the door something changes.

With this particular child you first see the tubes and I.V.s hooked up to the four year old boy, the mask tied around his face to keep his breathing steady, but then you reach the eyes..the eyes that are now staring straight up at you and into the face of his favorite hero beaming with a light that melts everything else away; all of his aches and pains are fading because you have come to be his moment of unimaginable joy even though you are secretly aching inside knowing this one might not make it.

Here is where you come in and get to be our hero! This foundation needs a place for their volunteers to get ready and afterwards decompress from the extreme emotional toll that this work takes. They are looking to build a mobile command center which would give them a place to store their costumes, have food and drink at the ready, and even be able to go to local charity events outsides the hospitals at parks and mile walks.It shaves over an hour off the time it takes to find an empty room or closet in the hospitals to change while trying to find a safe space for their valuables and it would give them even more time with the kids if they have a place to take a break and get rehydrated. Twenty to thirty more children could be seen every visit if they have this command center and so many more could be reached by increasing their visits.

The MUCH foundation doesn’t only do hospital visits! They are currently developing with some of the best of the best in making prosthetic limbs fabricated to look like iron man arms and princess legs, they work on making highly functioning wheel chairs that make a child the coolest kid on the block, and also dedicate their time to providing financial and emotional support to the families who’s loved ones didn’t make it out of the hospitals. This foundation has so much more to offer and they need your help to do it. Please donate today, anything helps!

If you would like to help please check out the GoFundMe.