Oculus Rift Shipping Q1 2016, WELCOME TO THE LAND OF TOMORROW!

So the Future is now! Oculus Rift has finalized its plans to ship its consumer model of the Oculus Rift coming Q1 2016. We have been hearing and seeing the Rift for a long time now, as it perfected its technology and built a pool of developers with a multitude of cool project coming from all over the world.


Currently you can pick up a development kit, intended for development and not consumer use, for the relatively low price of $350 USD, which has lead to many picking up the device already within the Let’s Play space, to show what can be done with such a device. We will know more about the project as E3 2015 comes closer, but I am sure, future tech fans will be all a buzz till we see what is presented at E3.


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