Vox Media Founders Held a Lecture for Microsoft on How to Use Blogging for Propaganda

Normally I would never comment on another sites business dealings, but this is extremely egregious. You will find below a video staring  Markos Moulitsas and Jerome Armstrong, the founders of Vox Media and Polygon giving a lecture to Microsoft employees in 2006 about how to use the the web and blog space for propaganda and political ideological gain. This is the same Microsoft that pumped in $750,000 in to Polygon for debatable services. The video is very lengthy (around 51 minutes or so) but ironically cover many of the tools that #Gamergate has been using to combat Vox Media and other Sites they find they have issue with, like online organization, meeting like minded people, and later off site organization.

Considering I find gamers in general to be Liberal they tend to not be the stereotypical “Partisan Liberal” which gets thrown out quite a bit in this video. They also go on to state many times that they want to create a cohesive political machine just like Fox News, so mission accomplished I would say. Only difference, Fox News blatantly tell you their agenda, while people like Vox Media have been underhanded, and acted like a shadow group, pulling strings in the back ground.

One interesting thing to point out, the lecture does go into the idea of “sharing members lists” and organizing with “leaders” behind the scenes much like what we saw with the GJP email group that sparked controversy 8 month ago. I know this is not something that can be stopped, as is the nature of any media, but we can be more educated on what is actually going on so we have some form of protection from it in the future.


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