Toys R Us may be Giving Preferential Treatment to Card Holders with Amiibo Pre-Orders

A recent thread on the r/Amiibo board on Reddit included a video that may show some shady business practices preformed by certain Toys R Us stores.

According to the poster of this video, Toys R Us’ Fort Myers location was requiring people looking to pre-order to register for a Toys R Us credit card to be able to pre-order the highly sought after Amiibo.

Some people in the comments also began to claim that this was not exactly the case: they claimed that if you registered a card, you would get into the store 30 minutes early, though people who got into the front of the line were still guaranteed their Amiibo pre-order.  If this is true, than it may be possible that either the Toys R Us or the poster may have been confused.

[Via Reddit and Amiibo Inquirer on Twitter]


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