Indie Dev, Amber Coal calls Minecraft’s Notch a Cunt, Demands Money Because Shes Trans

(Update: Amber Coal’s Twitter account is now suspended because of this activity, guess Twitter suspends people only if the harassment is toward a billionaire, sigh.)

Amber Coal aka Devi Ever aka Pixel Goth aka Grace Lynn aka “Captain Crazy Pants” (at least that’s what I call her) made waves this week, a common occurrence, when she decided to go on a long twitter rant, attacking  Markus Persson aka Notch (I am just trying to put “aka” as many times as I can in this post at this point). What was the point of contention you might ask? Simple, that he is a successful CIS aka gender matching the sex they were assigned at birth, white male, enjoying the fruits of his labor from creating one of the most popular games ever made aka Minecraft. As the title stats, she goes as far as to call him a “cunt” aka a women’s vagina, because we all know that is how you ask a favor of someone. This is how it all started:


Let me try to put this simply to anyone asking Notch for anything, HE DOES NOT OWE YOU JACK SHIT YOU ENTITLED PRICKS, so if by chance you think it is a good idea to ask him for anything be polite. Also throwing that you are “Trans” in someones face like it awards you special privilege is not only ludicrous, but intrinsically insulting to anyone person who happens to be transgender, working their way to their dreams and goals.

I have to ask, why the hell is this so prevalent in the indie game scene? It just blows my mind that we see this sort of insanity being condoned in the last 4 years as if it is a right, then they wonder why there is a deep distrust from the core audience. Hint: people acting like this show a lack of common sense that is generally developed by the age of 4. AKA (that makes 10)


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