Valve Upsetting Costumers Cost Them Millions


To make it clear, Valve doesn’t take 75% after getting the money from the consumer, but split that profits with the publisher of the game. Valve takes 30% and Bethesda took 45%.

Valve has had to remove the paid mods from their site, most recently with Skyrim. We reported that Valve was going to implement a paid mod system. It upset costumers and gamers didn’t want this feature. Because of this Valve had to go back on their business practice on the paid mods.


Because of this Valve has gone out and said they lost millions on this practice and had to remove it. We know Valve has not a good standing with costumers, because they got an F from the BBB regarding costumer service. The biggest problem with this business practice was that the modders were only gettint 25% of the money, while Valve was getting 75% of the money.

Just four days after the mods were going to be on the Steam store, are now gone. Making your consumers angry doesn’t only cost you money, but also trust.

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[Via Business Insider]