Playstation 4 Sells 22 Million Consoles

At the end of March, the Playstation 4 passed the 22 million sold mark. The Playstation has been doing well since its launch. In the financial year of of 2014 which ended March 31st, The PS4 sold 14.8 Million.

The company reported that the revenue jumped 33% year-to-year. The total revenue of the company $11.5 million. The PS4 is killing it in the console market and is expected to continue selling in the future.

Sony as a company saw the biggest profit margin in almost a decade with $576 million.

With free online on free-to-play games, PS Plus and PS Now being launched on the console makes the console very attractive. It is also the most powerful of all the current consoles on the market. With the recent PS Plus announcment for May, gamers are getting games for three different platforms with the subscription. PS4 has also gotten updates like Spotify and the Suspend/Resume function.

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[Via IGN]