Indie “Dev” Brianna Wu say she Talked to “Prosecutors with Power to Prosecute Gamergate …

So it seems Indie “Dev” Brianna Wu, who has scored thousands of dollars from individuals who are defined by the age old proverb “A fool and his money are soon parted.” via her self-martyrdom at the start of #Gamergate when she made distasteful posts about gamers and attacked the hashtag using a “meme” featuring an autistic child in a very negative way, has apparently given a “…presentation to prosecutors with the power to prosecute Gamergate about their plethora of criminal acts.”


If you are wondering what NCCC is, that would be the _National Cyber Crime Conference _held by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. So for all intents and purposes, I’ll give old crazy eyes the benefit of a doubt. I find this extremely laughable, because Wu, if you follower her posting on twitter, has an extremely antagonistic and online troll like persona, which rarely thinks before posts, leading to the Streisand Effect every time she deletes her posts when its something childish and offensive.

I swear, the government never screens anyone for events like this and its kinda maddening from a legitimate tech field perspective as it trivializes a subject that our government knows nothing about and is struggling to adjust to. Case in point; online copyright law turning in to the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and we all know how fucking well that works. O, and Goverment, if you are reading, here is a hint: IT DOES NOT FUCKING WORK. Much like Wu’s “game” which I am quoted on twitter as saying:

#iOS #twitterreview Revolution 60 is like Megaman Battle Network had a baby with a prolapsed vaginal wall, then took a shit on it.

— Michael Jordan (@MichaelSpaceJam) February 6, 2015

As you can see, I have no love lose for this women, and I feel she is yet another example of being a gigantic hypocrite abusing chaos to turn a buck, and to emphasize this, let take some of her recent tweets and match them up to character she created for her game Revolution 60.



If I do anymore I will suffer a brain hemorrhage so I will leave it at that. Questions, comments? Really I have no answers for you on this one.


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