Vanishing of Ethan Carter Developer Criticizes Microsoft’s Indie Program

The Developer of Ethan Carter, Adrian Chmielarz, has gone out and criticized the indie program from Microsoft. The indie program has been criticized for being closed and demanding fees from small developers to just be in the program. Microsoft have also said they won’t be releasing games on their platform if it’s released on another platform first. Xbox is also known to get extra content first with games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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He states:

As any other developer, i think this is silly.”

He goes on with that he doesn’t have a problem with this practice to this solution.

“_I understand that you want exclusive content, and people with both consoles choose your console. _

He does point out that not everyone has both consoles.

But it should be crystal clear that this isn’t working.

Nobody is going to give a damn if an indie game has something more on one platform, when they can choose between Uncharted and Gears of War. That’s what you choose from.

_We can see the philosophy from Microsoft didn’t work. They tried and it didn’t work. Please change and poof: you will have more indie games on you platform. _

In the meantime there are tones of indie games that can’t be release on Microsofts platform because they were released on another platform. That is just silly.”
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[Via Pressfire]