Lack of Content VS Tacked On

We’ve seen the seventh generation of single player games tacking on multi-player and vice versa. This is a practice that should stop in my opinion. Developers should focus on making a great game, instead of forcing some mode the game doesn’t need. It only takes resources from the game itself. We’ve had a lot of examples of these practices lately, and it is a growing concern when modes are tacked on when they don’t have to be. It’s also forcing games to have it as a pseudo DRM on single player games, which does not make any sense.

We’ve seen it with games like Titanfall, where the story is so thin and the single player is so bad that it shouldn’t have been there at all. But on the other hand, Evolve completely removes the story losing any sort of lore or background that the game desperately needed. This comes from a game that is full price and is sold at retail but filled with micro transaction. Either give a complete game that has enough content to sustain only multi-player, or give it a solid single player to actually make it a good game.

We also have games like Tomb Raider who tacked on multi-player for no reason at all. The game did not need a multi-player. It was completely different in terms of quality compared to the single player. The only reason it was put in, was to not make people trade it in and get additional money with DLC. The multi-player died really fast because it didn’t have value or the quality needed for multi-player gamers.

Games should not include modes that the company is not going to use a standard amount of resources on. It’s insulting to the consumer. When you have tacked on modes that the game doesn’t need, you can see the quality drop all around. When you’re putting money and effort into something the game doesn’t need, you only waste money for something gamers don’t want in the first place, so why do it.
Some companies can pull this off, but not many. For instance, even if you don’t like the pre-order business Sega did with Alien Isolation, it had an extremely solid single player mode. Same goes for games like Wolfenstein. It did something new (debatably) by focusing on doing a great single player. There wasn’t anything tacked on when it comes to those games. You got a single player experience that people liked. The resources for the game didn’t get stretched out or too thin.

There are many multi-player only games that only focus on online play. Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, League of Legends, etc. They have enough content to only focus on online itself. There is lore you can get into, but you can still enjoy the game without the story (a whole new meaning to “Grinder”) . You can just play competitively with others and the main game won’t be deluded by tacking on any sort of mode that’s not necessary. The core game is solid and many gamers enjoy it. For one reason, forethought.

I would like for publishers to stop water down their games to fit the “everyone” that does not exist just because they feel the need to. Let’s move away from the age of tacked on and let’s move on to the age of forethought.