“Rape Culture” the DRM of the Real World

For the last several years, gamers have been targeted with unfounded and continually disprove accusations that video games make you murders or that video games make you sexist and rapists. They have continuously been the “easy target” for not only people in general media, but for the press supposedly reporting on that media, to produce shock and awe pieces at the expense of the individuals who just like playing games. And this keeps going on despite the fact that the reality is more like this:

After years of this sort of social torment and blatant ignoring of facts, gamers have developed one of the thickest skins when it comes to abrasive behavior and have very much made their own culture on the internet, distancing themselves and even making fun of these constant assailant of their hobby. It is something that many do not understand and its clear that many critics blatantly don’t want to. It is safe to say that the overall tenor of many of these critics actions is abusive and dehumanizing, and the term “Rape Culture” gets thrown out there with out the slightest hesitation or irony. It should also be considered that rape in general is at an all time low, and the the CDC recent TELEPHONE survey that has people a buzz with fear was even ripped apart by The Times because of the questionable way they coaxed answers out of people. Not to mention that phone surveys are extremely unreliable, much in the way that online surveys are unreliable.

This sort misinformation and miss statements of facts is not unfamiliar to gamers. It reeks of the ideology shared by many corporations that you are guilty of some injustice towards them until proven innocent. As “Social Justice Warriors” (or injustice from my perspective) will throw out accusations of “rape culture” at people who will never in their life participate is something even close to rape, publishers threw out accusation of rampant piracy, pushed by associations like the BSA (who are known bullies to small developers) with “estimations” and poorly researched and evaluated surveys in order to create a culture of fear so they can maintain a grasp on the market and profits. It is only now after years of consumer distrust and loses of profits that publishers realized just how wrong they were, and as of 2015, we have seen a push away from many of these tactics.


The argument from both of these groups that are few in number, but managed to gain some very large swaths of power is exactly the same, “We are doing this to  protect (insert large group that we are now going to trivialize).” That might be harsh to say but it is very true because when these groups start throwing out ludicrous statements, they marginalize not only the group that they say they are protecting, but they condemn the many, when they should only be condemning the few. This robs people of their individual agency, and makes having a sense of individualism a crime in these peoples eyes and opens them up for a plethora of abuse that is undeserved. Only real difference is a certain group comes off more like hypocritical children, and I think you know which group that is.


But as we all know, gamers are not having any of this and these individuals become the source of outrage and comedy; Industry and Social Justice Inquisitioners respectively.  While these groups spewing “rape culture” at gamers are desperate to gain a foot hold and social ideological control over what they once perceived to be the weakest link in media and entertainment, they are starting to see they have woken up a slumbering giant that was keeping to themselves. We know a select few have made a good chunk of money from the created chaos, it has only served to have gamers come together, stronger, more pissed off, and realizing that they have the power to effect change in ways they see fit.


So some words to the wise:
-Gamers have fought this battle before, and won when the stakes were higher.
-You can’t fool people that know more about the media you are criticizing then you do.
-Lastly, the internet never forgets, so make sure you are not throwing stones in a glass house, because gamers are now watching your every movement and will be their to snap a photo when your house shatters around you. And that photo will never go away.


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