Battlefront Will Not Be A Battlefield Rip-Off Says Producer

Assistant Producer Jesper Nielsen has come out to address a few rumors regarding the new Battlefront game. A few of them have been addressed recently on Neogaf. Battlefront is set to make a comeback after a decade of being absent from consoles and PC.

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Jesper Nielsen had this to say about the rumors:

“You should analyze news stories a bit more carefully 😉

That article is based on the fact that the Uprise website mentions that Uprise is working on Star Wars Battlefront. While Uprise has been doing Battlelog, does that automatically mean that we will do Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront?

No, it won’t. That can only be an assumption, and I can tell you, no, there won’t be Battlelog for Star Wars Battlefront.”
Someone else in the forums had concerns that Battlefront would be just another Battlefield game with Star Wars skin. The Producer calmed down the user by replying this:
“It’s not”
He continued with:
Hehe, yeah, the sounds are what somehow always amazes me the most. We have some brilliant people working in that department, and combined with how iconic many Star Wars sounds are, it just adds so much.

If I sometimes join a playtest without my headset on, I just can’t even! : )”
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[Via Dualshockers]