Super Smash Brothers Mewtwo DLC Released for Eligible Club Nintendo Users, Along with Costume DLC

Fan favorite Super Smash Brothers Melee character Mewtwo has finally rejoined the brawl in the newest Super Smash Brothers, provided you meet the requirements.

Today, Nintendo began sending out codes for the fighter to users of its (now defunct) Club Nintendo service that purchased both versions of Super Smash Brothers the company released over the holiday season. People that did not take part in the offer will be able to buy Mewtwo in 2 weeks for 5 dollars.

If you qualify and have not received a code, don’t worry. This is because Nintendo is spreading out code emails throughout the day to make sure they do not strain the Nintendo eShop servers. Also available today are 8 costume DLCs for Mii Fighters. These costumes range from a cat to Dunban from Xenoblade Chronicles, and are available for 75 cents each.



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