Vita Getting Memory Boost With Update 3.50

Sony released a statement for the new update that will boost the memory of the Vita. During Unite Tokyo 2015 event, they released that it will indeed get a boost. The Playstation Vita is the handheld console that has struggled ever since its launch in 2012. Fans have been asking for quality titles for the console and complaining about the memory cards being expensive.


Neogaf posted a thread about this stating:

“PS Vita System software 3.50 allows for 30% more memory size usage with games.”
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Vita has gotten updates, giving remote play 60 frames a second recently. This means that the games may look even better in the future and that we can get bigger and better games coming for the console.

Do you think this will help the Vita selling more or getting better games? Let us know in the comments below.