Age Of Empires 2 Is Getting A New Expansion

The HD version of Age of Empires is getting an expansion after all this time. Age of Empires was released September 30, 1999. Age of Empires it looked at being one of the most influential games of the last century and is still considered one of the best games made.

There was a statement released for this on Steam:

> “Ryan Chaply here (aka Ryz0n) – the producer on AOE II HD – and we’ve got a big announcement! It’s hard to believe, but April 9th marks the two year anniversary since the release of Age of Empires II: HD on Steam. In those two years, players have amassed over 10,000 items in the Steam Workshop, and spend more than fifty million hours building armies, converting units, and chopping trees. In fact, more people have played over 50 hours in AOE II than the entire population of Little Rock – the state capital of Arkansas. It’s clear that the franchise has a hugely dedicated user base, and today I’m excited to talk about where we’ll be taking the title through 2015. ”
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[Via PC Gamer]