Square Enix Begins a Mysterious Twitch ARG

Earlier today, Square Enix began to tease a new game from their western studios in one of the most interesting ways that gaming has ever seen: an interactive stream.

Beginning at 10am PST, this stream (titled Can’t Kill Progress) began with a man trapped inside of a cell, who will sometimes get up and interact with what’s around him. A vote is also taken within the Twitch chat periodically, and what was voted will change the stream. For example, soon after the stream began, two man came into the cell and asked the captured man if wanted he to either listen to Folk or Classical music, and after the chat chose a small clip played before cutting back to the cell.

Even though we have no idea what the game is, rumors are running rampant. The prevailing theory is that this is leading up to the unveiling of the previously announced Deus Ex: Universe, while others think it may be leading up to a new Hitman or Sleeping Dogs. As of now, the stream has peaked at about 20 thousand people watching on Twitch, and is trending now on Twitter.

Whatever this game is, Square Enix will reveal the it around 12PM Wednesday. If want to follow the stream, it’s currently live here.


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