NBA 2K14 Servers Shut Down, Wipes Save Data

Even though 2K assured everyone that this would not happen, it has now happened. They shut down the servers for NBA 2K14 for PS4 and Xbox One. By doing that they wiped the memory of everything on everyone’s save files. Breaking their promise that players would keep their saves.

Players can no longer access their saves on their own consoles. 2K did not warn anyone that this might happen. You have to restart if you want to play the career mode in the game. A 2K support employee came out and addressed this:

_ “This means that if you had created a MyCareer or a MyGM online save file that was once connected to our servers it too sadly has retired and is no longer available for use and it would be necessary to re-create these files as offline saves.”_
Players seem to be very angry with this and are expressing their opinion on this on social media.
#NBA2K14 server shutdown ends players’ career modes! @wade_wilson This is bullshit!!

— Scott Summers (@SlimSummers) April 7, 2015

@2K it’s not right to just erase hours ppl have put in. If you’re going to provide a half ass service then charge half the amount! #nba2k14
— Meezi (@OhMeezi) April 7, 2015

@2K yall are weak for shutting down #nba2k14 servers forever. seriously wasted my fucking money

— josh (@joshuaseno) April 7, 2015

I’m done wit them #nba2k14

— Chris Murray (@5StarCaron) April 7, 2015
What are your thoughts on 2K shutting down a server for a game that’s barely a year old? EA usually have servers up for a few years in comparison. Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Gamespot]