Amazon Strike A Licensing Deal With Crysis Developer

Amazon have secured rights to CryEngine 3 for their console. What is Amazon going to do with this engine on their new console? The deal that’s been set is between Crytek and Amazon is between $50-$70 Million Dollars. Crytek has been known to make games that push hardware with their CryEngine.

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This deal will help Crytek out of their financial troubles they’ve seen as of late. They had to sell Homefront to Deep Silver because of development trouble. Crytek also had to lay off staff because of their trouble. This might be a turn around for the company based in Germany.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/04/Crysis_3_wallpapers-41.jpg" alt="Crysis3wallpapers-41″ title=”” />

So what do you think will come of this deal? New good looking games or even games from Crytek themselves? Let us know in the comments below

[Via Gamespot]