Splatoon Brings all the Gamers to the Yard!

The out-of-nowhere, 3rd person shooter that captured our wants from last year’s E3, took a large amount of attention on Nintendo’s most recent Direct. Most notably is the image above, continuing Nintendo’s direct attack on the gamers wallet. But the stationary plastic “toys” are not the only news that we were given.

The Amiibo toys will be available the same day as the game, May 29. You can pick up the Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy individually or buy all three in a bundle. Yes, the sweet squid is a pack-in exclusive. I’m surprised it isn’t bundled with the game like it will be in Europe. Besides being a sweet desktop display, when figures are touched to the GamePad you will be given a challenge for certain levels like “use this [different] weapon in this level.” Completing the mission will net you exclusive gear like samurai suit or robot armor. This seems like the best use of Amiibo yet. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.


The other news stuff mentioned are two game modes. The first being the ranked matches with king of the hill type areas. Teams with good strategy will run to an area and try to keep it covered in ink as long as you can. After a period of time, the zone will move to a new spot on the map. You will have to earn the ability to play this mode by leveling yourself up to at least level 10.

Battle Dojo is the other mode shown off. It is an one-on-one mode with a new focus. Instead of trying to demolish the other team or cover the area with the most ink, you have to take down the most balloons in five minutes.. Periodically light beacons will beam down balloons for you to pop with ink. One player uses the GamePad and the other player has the TV and Pro Controller.


As an added treat, Nintendo did one of their infamous Treehouse events immediately after the Direct on Splatoon. Battle Dojo, Single Player, and “online” multiplayer were shown off in all their glory. Check out the fun in the video below.


All this information and more can be seen on the YouTube video or website.


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