Review: Moon Chronicles (Episodes 1-4)

After Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nindendo DS hit shelves on March 20, 2006, many have hoped that one day, their Nintendo Hand held would finally be able to play another competent first person shooter on the go. This was widely restricted do to hardware limitation and complaints of the control scheme. Renegade Kid stood up and took on the challenge, but did it pay off? Find out below.

Moon Chronicles (Episodes 1-4)
Reviewed: 3DS, 2DS, New 3DS (Review Copy Purchased)
Developer: Renegade Kid
Publisher: Renegade Kid
Released: Episode 4 on Feb 5, 2015 (Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, New 3DS)
MSRP: $8.99 for Ep 1 plus $8.99 for Season Pass (Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, New 3DS)



The graphics immediately stand out and look dated by 3DS standards. They are just plan ugly and sharp as if they are a late era Playstation One graphics. This is extended throughout every aspect of the game. Textures look muddy and boring. The overall designs of characters, maps and weapons are lazy at best, and look phoned in.

The 3D is headache inducing, being the only game I have played that is consistently blurry when in 3D, even using a New 3DS improved 3D. If the 3D is turned off, it actually makes it harder to see, as everything blends together when the game is “flattened”.



Controls are stiff but manageable. New 3DS right control nub is virtually unusable with this game, leaving players to use the stylist or A,B,Y and X buttons as your X/Y axis controls. The shooting mechanics are extremely plain. You point at something, then you shoot it, really nothing much else to it.

Once in a while you will use a tiny drone to move and shoot at things to get you in to different areas, which handles just as well as the main character, or a moon buggy with a cannon that handles like a go kart with wheels made of butter on a hot pan.


Music and Sound:

Music is rather dull or annoying, but there is one track in particular that feels like they just ripped it off from the single “Fuck the Pain Away” by the artist Peaches, minus the words. Everything else comes off a s dull series of bleeps and bloops.



The story is rather interesting. While not fleshed out in any real capacity, the ideas and structure behind it were rather sensible if not alluring. Mixing it with your overall heal system and who you are and why you are on the moon in the first place was a good narrative choice. This will be the major reason people spur through this title.


Cohesiveness :

Cohesiveness is rather hard to judge in a reasonable sense here, as it would be like asking, “Does this dull brown box that functions as perfectly as a dull brown box match this other dull brown box with the same properties?” On the surface it’s an easy yes, but a very mundane yes.


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