Nintendo Announces Release Date for DLC and new Update for Mario Kart 8

Earlier today during a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo dropped 2 bombshells for Mario Kart 8 fans: The game’s second DLC pack was releasing earlier than its original May 2015 date, and a free update is coming to make courses harder than they’ve ever been in the series: 200cc mode.

In Mario Kart 8’s 2nd DLC pack (Imaginally titled DLC Pack 2), players are able to play as fan favorite characters Isabelle and the Villager from Animal Crossing, along with Dry Bowser from the Mario series. In addition, people who purchase the pack will receive 8 vehicles for the new characters along with 2 new courses. The DLC launches on April 23rd for 8$ in the US.

Along with the DLC pack comes a free update that adds new amiibo costumes for Mii racers, (more on Nintendo’s Amiibo announcements today here) the update will also add a major feature: 200cc difficulty. In this mode, vehicles move faster than ever before, and will require a lot more skill than ever before.

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