Battlefield Hardline Restricting Hardware Changes With DRM

On the site Guru3d, someone tried to make a performance review of Battlefield Hardline. This person had Battlefield Hardline installed on the same PC, but was switching out hardware to see how it was performing. It turns out that Origin has DRM and watches what the hardware looks like when someone plays their game.

It turns out that EA’s Origin restricts hardware changes to 5 times in a 24 hour period. The online trouble Hardline had, was because of DDoS attacks on EA servers. Banning the player to access the game itself. The person on the site puts it like this:

“The story goes like this; once upon a time I started working on a performance review. And after testing merely a handful of graphics cards I noticed EA will now lock your game (Battlefield Hardline) with the following message:”

It seems that EA is punishing players for buying the game and restricting the users with a DRM monitoring their hardware.

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[Via Guru3d]